Obstetrics Clinic In Jaipur


Pregnant Women

Obstetrics specifically deals with the welfare of the pregnant woman and her baby. During pregnancy a number of complications can arise such as ectopic pregnancy, which is a condition where the embryo is in a fallopian tube, fetal distress caused by compression, problems with the placenta or high blood pressure which can be a forerunner of a serious illness called pre-eclampsia. The obstetrician is trained in these and many other complications of childbirth and ensures both mother and baby are safely guided through all of the phases of pregnancy and childbirth. Whether the baby is delivered vaginally or through a planned or emergency caesarian section an obstetrician is trained to handle any change that is presented during the natural, but sometimes complex process of childbirth.

Following delivery, an obstetrician is focused on the health of the mother and child ensuring that both make the transition into routine daily life without the deadly complications. The medical specialty of obstetrics has made pregnancy and childbirth a life changing event to be embraced with confidence knowing that modern medicine has made the process safe and predictable.

A woman may have high risk if:

  • She is age 35 or older.
  • She is age 17 or younger.
  • She is pregnant with twins, triplets, or other multiples.
  • She was underweight or overweight before becoming pregnant.
  • She has high B.P., diabetes, depression, or another health problem.
  • Smoking, taking illegal drugs, and drinking alcohol also can cause health problems.
  • She had problems with a previous pregnancy, including premature labor or having a child with a genetic problem or birth defect.

Obstetrics Also Treats

  • Deliver your baby.
  • Monitor your health while you recuperate.
  • In addition to birthing, a obstetrician can diagnose, treat and prevent of diseases that affect women, such as breast cancer, cervical cancer and menopause.


The benefits of laparoscopy are typically less discomfort, shorter hospital stay, earlier return to work and reduced scarring.