Menopause is defined as no menstruation period for continuous 12 months and after 12 months of no menstruation, means you have entered in menopause. This time the ovaries stop releasing an egg every month and menstruation stops. The age a woman experience it can vary and the average age of Menopause is 50. Menopause is a normal part of aging and it can happen after the age between 45-55. In a few cases, a woman can go through menopause at an early age due to surgery, chemotherapy or ovary damage due to a cyst or any other reason.

Effects of menopause

It reduces calcium in bones and due to decreased calcium, it reduces bone density which leads to the condition of osteoporosis. It increases the risk of fracturing woman's hip, spine and other bones. It is difficult to understand that its happening due to menopause or due to decline age but you need to be more careful at this time. Your heart condition can arise during menopause. Changing in hormones may cause you to gain weight as above mentioned aging also contribute to gaining weight.

Take care

As per best gynecologist in Jaipur, Dr. C. P. Dadhich, to keep your bones healthy you need to have lots of calcium such as dairy products. Try to reduce weight if you have gained weight for this regular exercise is mandatory. Need to reduce alcohol consumption and quit smoking at this time. A balanced diet, regular exercise, take vitamin D supplements and practicing other healthy habits reduces the risk of heart disease. Ignorance creates a situation which leads to stress and other difficulties.

Menopause is a natural part of all woman’s life cycle. The risk for certain conditions like osteoporosis or cardiovascular disease may increase which leads to many issues in your body. To manage your health you should follow a healthy diet, regular strength exercises and try to avoid gaining weight. You need to contact the doctor if you are experiencing adverse symptoms which affect your body functional ability or you notice any other unusual situation in your body. Its always suggested that a consultation is required before going to the worst situation. As per best gynecologist in Jaipur, Dr. C. P. Dadhich there are treatment options available to help you in the adverse situation.