Trying To Get Pregnant

Trying To Get Pregnant


Best Time to Get Pregnant

Best time for trying to get pregnant (if your period cycle is around 28 days) is having intercourse within a day or so of ovulation (About 14 days after the first day of your latest period) A woman egg lives for 12-24 hours after releasing and for pregnancy the egg needs to be fertilized by sperm within this time. In woman body, sperm life is 7 days, so if you are having intercourse in ovulation days, more chances to get pregnant.

Age of Fertility

The best fertile woman is when she is in her twenties and at the age of 30 or more fertility will declines in the woman body as per the best IVF center in Jaipur. After the age of 37, this decline becomes more quickly and fertility problems also increase in woman’s body. Due to focusing on education, career or in other involvements woman postponed having a child at an early age. It is always suggested to have a healthy baby before the age of 30.


Seeing a Specialists

Pregnancy isn’t like that can be planned. If you are unable to get pregnant after 6 months of trying at any age, you need not worry, but it’s alarming as one or two couples will experience infertility out of ten. The good news is that there is help out there. These days it’s easy to solve infertility problems due to the development of medical science. We, at our infertility center in Jaipur, help you to get pregnant quickly.

Do & Don’t

Try to get enough sleep and unfollow odd sleep timings, it affects a woman's fertility. You need to have balanced/nutrition filled diet and drink plenty of water. You need to stop drinking caffeinated beverages & Liquor. It’s not clear that it impacts on fertility but if you want to get pregnant fast so you need to maintain or optimize your health. It is always said that you need to stress out from any situation.